Rapper Casanova Reportedly Wanted By Police For Allegedly Assaulting Woman

A warrant for rapper Casanova’s arrest has been issued by the NYPD. The rapper is accused of assaulting a woman at Good Stuff Diner in New York City. The victim, Niya Rucker, spoke to local news about the incident, which allegedly happened around 4:40 a.m. on Monday, August 6. Rucker claims Casanova and his crew attacked her because they thought she was live streaming a video of them on Instagram ,though she says she was merely trying to show off her food to her followers. Things became violent when they attempted to stop her and take her phone. According to Rucker, one man put her in a chokehold before dragging her out of a booth and across the diner. Casanova took her phone and deleted the video. Rucker suffered a broken jaw and lost a tooth in the altercation and had to get multiple stitches for a cut on her face. 

Casanova and His Crew Accused of Assaulting Woman for Filming Him on Instagram Live

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