Gallant Cancels “Too Good To Be” Tour

Gallant has cancelled all dates for “Too Good To Be” tour, which was supposed to begin on October 18th. The artist has announced that the nationwide trek has been canceled as result of him wanting to provide a great experience for fans, but saying he won’t be able to do that at this moment. “It’s with a ton of regret to tell you guys that I’ve had to cancel this tour,” the singer-songwriter began in a written statement. “When we booked it and set out to create an experience, I expected to be finished with my music and everything else creatively. Nothing is more important to me than making sure I can bring the proper experience to the people who matter most.” Just this last month, Gallant dropped off two new singles: “TOOGOODTOBETRUE” and “Doesn’t Matter, serving as the preface to his forthcoming This Does Not Fit project, set for mid-October. This will be his first full-length outing since 2016’s Ology. On Instagram, Gallant added:  “Thanks for giving me this space. Thanks for being part of the family. And most of all, thanks for being patient. I’m really looking forward to sharing my mini-album, This Does Not Fit, with you in October.”

Gallant Cancels His Too Good To Be Tour, Says He ‘Expected to be Finished With My Music & Everything Else Creatively’