Common Details Being Molested As A Child In New Memoir

Common has released a new memoir titled Let Love Have The Last World. In it, the veteran rapper/actor details a painful incident in which he was molested as a child.

According to Common, he had suppressed the memory of his molestation, until he began working on a film called The Tale in 2017. The movie told the story of the director’s childhood abuse, which made Common recall his trauma while discussing the script with actress Laura Dern.

Common said he was molested during a family trip to Cleveland. His abuser, a relative of his godbrother Skeet, is referred to as “Brandon” in the book.The Grammy winner said the abuse didn’t continue for the rest of the trip, and he kept quiet about what happened. After some time, he managed to ignore the incident completely until 2017.

Common’s Let Love Have The Last World: A Memoir is available now.

Common Reveals In New Memoir That He Was Molested As A Child


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