Guuci Mane Stars In New Gucci Ad For ‘Cruise20″ Collection

Rapper Gucci Mane is the new face of Gucci, as part of the luxury fashion brand’s new 2020 “#ComeAsYouAre_RSVP” cruise campaign.

The 39-year-old Mane is also joined by rock star Iggy Pop and actress Sienna Miller. The campaign was shot in Rome by Villa La Furibonda, where Gucci Mane is seen taking a bath and rolling around in a Gucci embroidered vehicle.

Additionally, in celebration of the campaign Gucci Mane will be releasing a new album this month on October 17 — a themed mixtape sequel, titled, Woptober 2.

Gucci Mane Stars In New Gucci Ad For Its ‘Cruise20’ Collection.


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