Lil Nas X Denies ‘Rodeo’ Copyright Infringement Claims

Lil Nas X, along with collaborators including Cardi B, are facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over his 2019 song “Rodeo.” The lawsuit was filed by producers Don Lee and Glen Keith and claimed that his song shared similarities with their 2017 work “gwenXdonlee4-142,” which was later incorporated into the song “Broad Day” by PuertoReefa and Sakrite Duexe.

In a new legal document (filed February 4 in a New York federal court), Lil Nas X has denied the claims and asked for the case to be dismissed. Lil Nas X argues, “The work, ‘Rodeo,’ was created independently from and without knowledge of the allegedly infringed work.” The statement continues, “Without admitting the use of any copyrighted material allegedly owned by Plaintiffs, the conduct of which they complain was impliedly and/or expressly licensed.” Collaborators on “Rodeo” have yet to respond.

Since the lawsuit, Lil Nas X has performed “Rodeo” at the Grammys and released the music video (which can be viewed here) featuring a new version of the track with Nas.

Lil Nas X Denies Stealing “Rodeo” From Accusing Music Producers


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