DMX Holds Virtual Bible Study On Instagram Live

New York-based rapper, DMX has taken a different approach to being in quarantine and sharing content with his fans. DMX hosted a virtual bible study session on Instagram Live. During the live-streamed event, the rapper read Bible passages and emphasized the importance of certain lines. 

“God put it on my heart to speak,” DMX said to his fans. He added: “This is new to me. This is not what I do. I ain’t with showing everybody what I’m doing at every minute. That’s just not me. That’s not how I get down. You see me when you see me. It is what it is. That’s how I get down. I ain’t gon’ change. I love who I am. I’m God’s child. We all are.”

In other news, DMX confirmed last month that he was working on a new album during an episode of Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio Instagram Live show.

DMX Leads Bible Study On Instagram Live And People Are Loving It


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