Take A Look At YG’s Video For “Swag” Honoring Colin Kaepernick

YG makes another political statement with his new single "Swag."” data-reactid=”19″ type=”text”>YG is making a political statement with his new single “Swag.” The rapper unveiling the content of the video by posting a photo inspired by NFL free agent/activist Colin Kaepernick. YG is seen kneeling on one knee while wearing an afro wig and Kaepernick’s old 49ers jersey. Two cheerleaders are seen in the background also taking a knee, a nod to Kaepernick’s on-field protests against police brutality and racism.

You can stream “Swag” on Apple Music or via Spotify below. You can also watch the music video at the link: here.

YG Dresses and Kneels Like Colin Kaepernick in Video for ‘Swag’ Single

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Editorial credit: Sterling Munksgard / Shutterstock.com