Cardi B Settles $30 Million Lawsuit With Former Manager

CARDI B has settled a $30 million lawsuit against her by former manager KLENORD “SHAFT” RAPHAEL.

Back in 2018, Shaft filed a $10 million breach of contract lawsuit against Cardi, claiming she broke the agreement to sign with Quality Control. His original lawsuit claimed he helped with Cardi’s breakthrough by securing her appearance on “Love & Hip Hop” and connecting the rap star to publishers and producers who created her breakthrough hit “Bodak Yellow.”  However Cardi denied these allegations, later filing a $30 million counterclaim accusing him of signing her to a deal without her lawyer present. She claimed he breached their agreement by not providing accurate accounts of her earnings, as well as stealing her earnings. 

Now after two years, the lawsuit has been entirely dismissed with prejudice, meaning neither party involved can bring the other back into court over this dispute.

Cardi B Reacts To $30 Million Lawsuit Settlement: “Feels Good To Be Free”


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